Stars – 282

Your real stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

The Mars-Full Moon link on May 22nd can create fireworks. Keep your cool as you will be more fired-up than usual. Taking a step back can pacify a potentially explosive situation.

Implementing a quiet schedule is beneficial this fortnight. Avoid making personal decisions
and see what unfolds.

Make that romantic move under the Mercury-Venus link from May 24th.

Mars provides the confidence for you to develop your creative hobbies around May 27th.

Use the forcing energy of Mars to take action with a particular project or issue. Don’t wait for others to give you the go-ahead.

Virgos need to develop discipline and patience in order to achieve their goals under the Jupiter-Saturn link of May 26th. You grow by learning to accept setbacks.

Elegant Venus encourages you to travel in style. Take that luxury weekend getaway around May 24th.

Energies are best focused on one project while Mars is retrograding back into your sign from May 27th. This is not the time for multi-tasking.

The Full Moon in your sign on May 22nd stirs up action and adventure, however, the Mars retrograde motion may cause you to hit a few roadblocks. Pause and breathe before reacting to a situation.

Hit and miss moments may occur around May 21st in relation to romantic liaisons. Take it in your stride and see what insights are revealed from these moments.

The Sun, Venus and Mercury light up your house of fun from May 20th. Plan a few enjoyable activities involving children or artistic pursuits for one of your happiest cycles this year.

The Sun and Venus combine from May 20th to add creative flair to your home. It’s an ideal time to redecorate or add touches of luxury to your living space.