Stars – 255


The New Moon in your sign on April 19th kick starts a new phase for the coming twelve months. Initiate projects that display your natural talents.


You’ll get a boost of energy when the Sun enters your sign on 20 April. Combined with action planet Mars, your ability to tackle challenging situations increases.


Venus enters Gemini on April 11th triggering your flirty, playful side. Personal makeovers and luxury items appeal to you now.


You can make headway with a complex issue once the Sun enters grounding Taurus on April 20th.


Leos may experience an increase in work responsibilities from April 20th. Don’t be afraid of these new tests; the financial rewards can be substantial if you put in the footwork.


Arty-farty Virgos will feel the creative urge from April 11th. Choose challenging but rewarding projects that require collaborative efforts with like-minded people.


The New Moon in your love zone on April 19th opens a new romantic chapter. Whether single or attached, set positive goals over the next year.


You’ll enjoy blissful times with a significant other when the Sun moves into your relationship sector. Surrounding yourself with reliable and trustworthy mates brings personal security.


Enjoy bonding with that special someone over intellectual pursuits and unique ideas this fortnight. Believe that brains can be sexy.


Detox programs, special dietary requirements, and organic produce will all look appealing to Goats determined to get into peak physical and psychological shape.


Family arguments may intensify under the Mercury-Mars link of April 14th. Acting as mediator helps to cool the situation.


Pisceans need to get creative with their domestic space with the help of stylish Venus. Discover enticing ways to decorate your home without it looking like an online catalogue.