Stars – 233

You’ll be emotionally prepared to go after what you want this fortnight, thanks to the feisty Venus transit.

The Full Moon in your relationship sector from May 15th propels you to delve deep into the scary world of feelings. Saturn demands that you act responsibly in love.

The social whirl of previous weeks continues this fortnight. Networking and mingling are at the top of your agenda.

Awkward work issues come under scrutiny with the activation of the Sun-Mercury-Venus link. Communicate your grievances tactfully to senior staff.

Review and re-do writing or study projects before May 19th while Mars is still retrograde. The results will be worth it.

Mercury activates your career zone. Expand your professional network and win over new business contacts with charm and wit.

You’ll come to a decision about a particular issue after May 19th when the Mars retrograde motion ends.

A certain matter will seem more intense under the Full Moon on May 15th. Acting guarded will only alienate others, so remain approachable.

Communication with a significant other improves under Mercury’s transit. Indulge in stimulating debate but avoid intense arguments.

Delays in your professional area will ease after May 19th. Move forward in your chosen field with confidence.

Mercury invigorates your creative space. Revisit and re-learn a cherished hobby.

Your personal financial clean-up period ends on May 19th. Implement a budget for long-term security and peace of mind.

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