Stars – 295

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

Collaborating with like-minded business colleagues around November 12th will move you forward professionally.

The Full Moon in your sign on November 15th stabilises a volatile situation. Slow down physically and mentally to gain clarity before making a decision.

Your ruling planet Mercury moves into your love zone on November 12th. Use the power of communication and diplomacy to entice that special someone into your sphere.

Cancerians will be in the mood for love, thanks to amorous Venus. Connecting with those closest to you will make this cycle one of your most romantic this year.

Other people’s finances or property will occupy your time this fortnight. Make important money decisions after November 12th.

Issues around your domestic situation surface from November 12th. Communicate to your loved ones the importance of ground rules and boundaries concerning home life.

Your ruling planet Libra harmonises a tricky personal issue. A considerate attitude on your part keeps others amiable.

The Full Moon on November 15th compels you to enjoy the good things in life with a significant other. Fine wine, gourmet food, and romantic scenarios are on the agenda for sexy Scorpio.

You’ll be able to invigorate people with your sparkling conversation under the Mercury transit. This is an ideal time to get that important message out in the community.

Venus compels the usually shy and modest Goat to venture outside their comfort zone to enjoy love and romance.

New insights into spiritual practices like meditation, yoga or journaling emerge after November 12th. Embrace these rituals as they keep you sane in a busy world.

The Universe prompts you to touch base with your besties after November 12th. Take the opportunity to widen your network and have fun!